Zambia: Chongwe Residents Battle Water Crisis

November 22, 2017

Newton Sibanda November 22, 2017 CHONGWE dam, which supplies water to the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) treatment plant, is the lifeline for the district. Thus when it dries up, the effect is always devastating. Last year, for the fifth consecutive year, the dam dried up, leaving 14,568 residents of Chongwe Town without a […]

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Scaling Up Water Supply: A Focus on Zambia’s Eastern Water And Sewerage Company

April 19, 2013

Julius Phiri April 19, 2013 ZAMBIA has vast water resources in form of rivers, streams, lakes and groundwater, but the declining patterns over the years have had a significant adverse impact on the country’s water resources. In terms of groundwater, the country has favorable geological conditions for accessing groundwater with regard to depth, storage capacity, […]

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