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New app to help Kenyan youth collect and recycle plastic waste along lakeshores

Laura Otieno Plastic pollution the grim reaper to the lake’s crippled fishing sector Two teenagers are developing a mobile application targeting the youth to help collect and recycle plastic waste With Kenya’s plastic ban entering its fourth year in June, plastic pollution still remains a threat to the environment and various stakeholders are now calling […]

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Plastic Pollution of Lake Victoria in Uganda: Who is to Blame?

Jenipher Asiimwe, Uganda Is plastic pollution intentional or it is done unknowingly? Who is responsible for protecting the lake from pollution? What can be done to eradicate unsustainable human activities? Robert Egesa, Angella Nankabirwa Henry Ocaya and Willy Gandhi Pabire, in their 2020 study on microplastic pollution in surface water of Lake Victoria, indicate that polyethylene, often […]

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Tiny microplastics found in cosmetics, household cleaning products are secretly poisoning Lake Victoria

Jane Kisha, Uganda Using the Beat The MicroBead(BTMB) app, we randomly picked twelve cosmetics off a shelf in a supermarket to check if they contained microplastics. Among the 11 products, 5 of them have microplastics in them. The products that have microplastic are; F and W exfoliating shower gel, Dove shower gel, Listerine Advanced Mouthwash(had sceptical […]

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‘We are in trouble,’ Lake Victoria fishers cry out as plastics accumulate in the lake

Hadija Jumanne, Mwananchi: Most villages in Tanzania do not have even a single litter bin. In many parts of the shores of Lake Victoria, plastics are everywhere. The fishing community is blamed for using illegal fishing nets made out of plastic A 2015 study conducted in the Mwanza region of Tanzania found evidence of microplastics in […]

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Tanzania’s Manyara Lake is drying up. Here’s why

Sylivester Domasa, February 5, 2021 A decade ago, groups of tourists trekked the villages to the Lake Manyara to explore tree-climbing lions, wildebeests, flocks of migrating flamingos among other natural wonders. Over the last two decades, it shrunk by over 90 per cent. The only income-generating activities are agriculture, fishing, livestock keeping, and a collapsing […]

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Uganda’s First Oil: What is at Stake?

Megan S. Lee and Cliff Abenaitwe, February 01, 2021 French oil multinational Total, its partner investors, and the Ugandan and Tanzanian governments will soon finalize their decision on the Lake Albert Development Project, Uganda’s first oil development The effects of potential oil spills and infrastructure development would cause irreversible damage in the ecologically sensitive Albertine […]

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In the face of a global pandemic, how can conservation efforts reduce the chance that poaching will spread disease?

WRITER Wendee Nicole @bohemianone This article was first published by Ensia Under a waxing gibbous moon, Felix Byamukama set out into Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwestern Uganda to hunt bush pig and duiker. He didn’t plan on coming face to face with a 400-pound silverback in the dense jungle — but when he did, fear […]

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Simple solutions for stubborn problems: Communities close to Kenya’s Tsavo National Park plant trees to save wildlife

Linah Mwamachi, September 2020 This solutions journalism project investigating whether planting trees could protect wildlife was produced by Linah Mwamachi with with support from Code for Africa and funding from Internews and Earth Journalism Network. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE FEATURE IN KISWAHILI. Conflicts between humans and wildlife in Taita Taveta County in Kenya have […]

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Hidden in Sand: Could sand rivers be the answer to Africa’s water crisis?

During rainy seasons, Uganda’s Karamoja region – just in the north eastern part of the country – experiences flooding with many seasonal rivers full of water and even bursting their banks. However, the suffering that inhabitants of Karamoja region experience during rainy seasons does not compare to what they go through during dry spells. Rivers […]