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An opaque agro-industry razes Cameroon’s forests with impunity

By Madeleine NGEUNGA Credits: This investigative story is the first part of a series co-published by InfoCongo, Oxpeckers and The Museba Project, with support from the Pulitzer Center’s Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN). “Are we ready to risk 60 thousand hectares for Camvert, a company that has no experience in oil palm plantations?” asked Samuel Nguiffo, […]

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Investigation raises concerns over plastic waste accumulation on the shores of Africa’s Rift Valley lakes

By Water Journalist Africa An investigation into the concentration of microplastics in some Africa Rift Valley lakes has found no traces of microplastics there. However, the plastic wastes are visible on the major landing sites, raising fears over the whereabouts of these dangerous residues. The shorelines are littered with polythene bags and used plastic bottles […]

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River Nile, a freeway of plastics from African great lakes to Mediterranean Sea

Fredrick Mugira, Bertha Fellow Two small rivers in western Uganda: Mpanga, and Rwizi, are choking on plastic waste, carrying it to lakes that drain into the River Nile. Once in the Nile, this plastic debris may flow into the Mediterranean Sea.    Mpanga River traverses Fort Portal, a city of 52,911 population, picking up all […]

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From source to water bodies and dining table: Tracking the journey of plastics in Uganda

Fredrick Mugira, Bertha Fellow 25th April 2022 Last February, Ramathan Kimbugwe, the CEO of Prowess Communications Company, was jogging early morning when he noticed something strange about a river in his community. Thousands of used plastic bottles were heaping in Rwizi, a lifeline river for over five million people in southwestern Uganda, at a point […]

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A Ugandan city powered by solar welcomes COP26 agenda to speed up affordable cleantech

Fredrick Mugira, November 23 2021  A city in southwestern Uganda has welcomed the new Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda that over 35 world leaders signed at the UN summit on climate change in Glasgow to see countries and businesses work together to dramatically scale and speed up the development and deployment of clean technologies and drive down […]

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How gorillas stole a Ugandan forest from humans, bloomed it as it bloomed them

Fredrick Mugira. December 18, 2020 This story was first published by New Vision In the shadows of giant trees, deep within the Bwindi Impenetrable forest, nature is at its rawest. The maze of green trees, dark and humid undergrowth shrouded in a smoky haze, makes its name: impenetrable forest, very apt. This is where Kyomukama […]

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Belgium visit of Lesotho minister under scrutiny amid Letšeng’s environmental offenses

Pascalinah Kabi This investigation was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Centre. In the heart of Southern Africa lies Lesotho – a country blessed with abundant water resources yet facing the threat of contamination due to the operations of Letšeng Diamonds Mine. Letšeng, a prominent mine majority-owned by the London Stock Exchange-listed company Gem Diamonds, has […]

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Unveiled investigation: Water pollution from Letšeng diamonds mine poses lethal threat to infants

Story and photos by Pascalinah Kabi This investigation was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Centre. Infants who ingest water from Maloreng Stream, a lifeline for over a hundred people, face a potentially fatal threat—hemoglobinemia-induced suffocation. This alarming revelation stems from a government report concluding that Letšeng Diamonds Mine is deliberately contaminating the stream, upon which […]

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GREEN NGONG IS GONE: Uncovering the climate change drivers and mitigation efforts in Kajiado

By Sam Munia One of Kenya’s main forests, the Ngong Forest, home to a diverse range of plants and animals, is under threat due to decades of encroachment. The forest cover has significantly reduced, putting the biodiversity of the region in danger. This has resulted in the Kajiado community facing the dual challenge of floods […]

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WaterAid warns of cholera epidemic in Malawi, Zambia, other Sadc countries

George Mhango, Blantyre Malawi authorities have intensified their efforts to deal with cases of Cholera through awareness along the borders with Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. This comes as the International NGO WaterAid issued a statement on Friday, saying that as Zambia fights to contain its worst cholera outbreak since 2017, cases are already being reported […]

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Mali: A battery recycling company has cut Malians air

Story by Dave Dembele This report is owned and first published by our patterners  The Colonist Report Africa and The Colonist Report. No part or all of this report can be republished without prior consent from management. Kindly email  for inquiries. In Sanankoroba, a town outside of Bamako on Route Nationale 7 (RN7) that […]

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Malawi: Joyce Banda dates WASH stakeholders

George Mhango, Blantyre Malawi needs $227 million annually to achieve well-managed WASH services that are climate resilient to deal with waterborne diseases such as Cholera. The disease, according to health authorities, has since 2022 killed close to 1,750 people. This dominated the high-level meeting between WASH stakeholders and former Malawi President Joyce Banda, in her […]

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Meet Kenyan children turning tide on plastic pollution

Lina Mwamachi That’s Jayden, not his real name, a young boy in Kongoni primary school in Taita Taveta County, speaking on the importance of keeping the environment free of plastic materials to safeguard humans, livestock, and wildlife. Jayden and other pupils and teachers from 31 different primary schools in the vast Taita Taveta county had […]

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Explainer: Five reasons why trees are a solution to the climate crisis

Monica Evans As the 28th UN Climate Conference (COP28) approaches, and countries prepare to take stock of progress in emission reduction since the adoption of the Paris Agreement through the first Global Stocktake (GST), measures to mitigate the advance and impacts of climate change are in the spotlight. These measures are wide-ranging and touch on many […]

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Opinion: Green spaces for everyone, everywhere  

The writer, Zhimin Wu, is the Director, Forestry Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. A few years ago, a university professor came up with the ”3-30-300” rule. It envisions a world where everyone can see at least three trees from their window, live in a neighbourhood with at least 30 percent tree […]

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Vanishing glaciers: Climate change impacts culture, livelihoods and health in western Uganda as the Mountains of the Moon glaciers disappear

BY ALEX BALUKU Selevest Kule Walyuba is a resident of Nganji village, Kilembe sub-county in the western district of Kasese in Uganda. Walyuba’s sub-county is the foothills of Mount Rwenzori. Walyuba, 56 years old, is an environmental conservationist. With his passion for the environment, Walyuba developed a hot spring locally known as Kiwa Heritage Site, […]

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New media tools for water journalism: How to leverage the modern digital toolbox

Water Journalist Africa, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) 2022 was a year of intensifying water risks worldwide; rivers and reservoirs reached historic lows, flooding devastated regions, and droughts caused significant impacts on agriculture. 2023 is already seeing similar warning signs. As the summer months go on, water risks are becoming increasingly prevalent. Several regions […]

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Bungoma residents mull relocation as dumpsite smell makes environment toxic

Tony Wafula Located in Kenya’s fertile Western region and at the foot of Mount Elgon, Bungoma County is a dream home area for many people- except the area residents who are contemplating relocating to other areas. Residents living near the county dumpsite are appealing to the relevant authorities to move them to other areas due to […]

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A lifestyle conservation brand changes people’s lives in Uganda, empowering them to conserve endangered mountain gorillas

Derrick Amoako and Big Gorilla Story Project That Gorilla Brand is helping the endangered mountain gorilla in Uganda and the human communities surrounding their habitats live improved lives. The Big Gorilla Story project, a project of Water Journalists Africa, talked to Leo Gripari, CEO of That Gorilla Brand, about how and why they have supported the […]