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Restoring Lake Nakivale; A Refugees’ Idea

Kajumba Godfrey, January 27, 2021 Lake Nakivale in Isingiro District, Uganda is under threat due to massive pollution Now, refugees in Nakivale refugee camp in Isingiro district have taken the lead role in the conservation and protection of the lake, the biggest water source to the camp Despite local politicians frustrating the efforts to conserve […]

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Uganda’s First Oil: What is at Stake?

Megan S. Lee and Cliff Abenaitwe, February 01, 2021 French oil multinational Total, its partner investors, and the Ugandan and Tanzanian governments will soon finalize their decision on the Lake Albert Development Project, Uganda’s first oil development The effects of potential oil spills and infrastructure development would cause irreversible damage in the ecologically sensitive Albertine […]

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Saving the Rothschild Giraffe in Kenya

WRITER Sharon Atieno | This article was first published on Science Africa . Of the nine subspecies of giraffes found in Africa, Kenya hosts three: the Rothschild, the Maasai, and the Reticulated giraffe. However, there has been an almost 40% decline in the country’s giraffe population over the past three decades. In 1998, the total giraffe […]

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In the face of a global pandemic, how can conservation efforts reduce the chance that poaching will spread disease?

WRITER Wendee Nicole @bohemianone This article was first published by Ensia Under a waxing gibbous moon, Felix Byamukama set out into Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwestern Uganda to hunt bush pig and duiker. He didn’t plan on coming face to face with a 400-pound silverback in the dense jungle — but when he did, fear […]

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Simple solutions for stubborn problems: Communities close to Kenya’s Tsavo National Park plant trees to save wildlife

Linah Mwamachi, September 2020 This solutions journalism project investigating whether planting trees could protect wildlife was produced by Linah Mwamachi with with support from Code for Africa and funding from Internews and Earth Journalism Network. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE FEATURE IN KISWAHILI. Conflicts between humans and wildlife in Taita Taveta County in Kenya have […]

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Hidden in Sand: Could sand rivers be the answer to Africa’s water crisis?

During rainy seasons, Uganda’s Karamoja region – just in the north eastern part of the country – experiences flooding with many seasonal rivers full of water and even bursting their banks. However, the suffering that inhabitants of Karamoja region experience during rainy seasons does not compare to what they go through during dry spells. Rivers […]

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CHAMPIONS OF SUSTAINABILITY: East African youth are innovating to adapt to climate change

How are East Africans surviving amidst climate change? Youth in communities across East Africa are launching innovations to adapt to the region’s changing climate, a cross-border project led by InfoNile has found. In East Africa, temperatures have risen by about 1.3 degrees Celsius since 1960 and are expected to rise by another 1.8 to 4.3 degrees […]

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Forced Travelers: Drought and floods force hard choices for millions in Africa’s Nile basin region

Fredrick Mugira, August 17 2020 Ruhangariyo Obedi had planted beans in his garden the size of a football pitch in Nyamuyanja, Isingiro district, one of the areas in Uganda prone to water shortage, when the 2018 mid-year drought struck. That year, just like a year before, rains failed. His plans of harvesting five bags of 60 […]

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Covid-19 puts a dent in Uganda’s tourism and conservation sectors

Sarah Mawerere, August 2020 Conservationists and tour operators in Uganda have raised concerns over the negative impact COVID-19 is having on their industries and are questioning how other zoonotic disease outbreaks could affect them in the future. Uganda’s tourism service sector is a major foreign exchange earner, contributing about US$1.4 billion to the country’s economy annually. But […]

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Rwanda reaping big from sand rivers and irrigation projects

By Diane MUSHIMIYIMANA, June 2020 In early 2000’s, Rwanda took an ambitious step to start the Land Husbandry, Water Harvesting and Hillside Irrigation Project and the Rural Sector Support Project (LWH-RSSP) to improve agricultural production and improve lives. The key aim of the projects is rural transformation through sustainable increase of agricultural productivity. The program involves […]

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NELSAP conducts first ever Lake-wide survey of fish stock on Lakes Edward and Albert

Polycarp Onyango, June 01, 2020 Monitoring fish stocks in relation to their species composition, abundance, distribution, catch, and fishing effort is required for sound management of fisheries resources. When the lakes in question are transboundary, this exercise becomes even more significant as it promotes cooperation on the international waters, reduces border conflicts and brings countries […]

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Maasai communities in Kenya and Tanzania pay the price of conservation

Dr. Daniel Sambu, University of Wisconsin La Crosse. May 01, 2020 Wildlife conservation strategies and efforts to improve community livelihood have been on a collision course for many decades. In Kenya and Tanzania for example, the national park system was created in the mid-20th century through a forceful eviction of indigenous communities to carve out […]