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August 25, 2017

Development of two wind energy projects across Tanzania by Emerging Market Power (EMP) kicks off in 2019.

Development of two wind projects across Tanzania by Emerging Market Power (EMP) kicks off in 2019.

According to a report shared by EMP, the Met Mast, which is the device for measuring as well as monitoring wind velocity, was successfully transported and installed in Nala ward – Dodoma.

The measurement tower has started collecting and send wind data directly to Durban in South Africa. The wind data collected will be the indication of what size of the project can be set including the number of turbines, size etc.

Tanzania suffers from continuing energy shortages, due to the impact of recurring drought on the country’s existing hydroelectric power generation. The Tanzanian Government is now seeking to accelerate access to electricity across the nation, with a particular view to improving rural access to electricity.

This is being accomplished in part by incentivising renewable energy development. Tanzania’s Government is currently in the process of developing a framework to accomplish this through renewable energy feed in tariffs, offering guaranteed pricing for solar and wind generated power.

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