Monthly Archives: November 2016

  • African Civil Society Calls on Trump Retract His Twitter Remark on Global Warming

    November 17, 2016

    Water Journalists Africa November 17, 2016 African civil society groups at the 22nd Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP 22) in Marrakech have called on US president elect, Donald Trump to issue a statement denouncing his twitter comment about global warming, failure to which they will join other movements campaigning for the reversal of […]

  • Malawi: Red Cross Society Gives Hope to Floods and Drought Victims

    November 10, 2016

    George Mhango November 10, 2016 Floods, disasters and dry spells that hit Malawi’s Lowershire districts such as Chikwawa, Nsanje, Mwanza and others between 2014 and 2016 are still being felt. Challenges are many, but the most outstanding one is lack of food to feed families and their children. This is why a leading humanitarian organisation […]

  • COP22: African Civil Society Demands Ambitious Action in Marrakech

    November 10, 2016

    WaterSan Perspective Reporter November 10, 2016 African Civil society at the ongoing climate change negotiations warned that if Parties do not urgently raise their Pre-2020 Ambitions in Marrakech, the impact of low ambition and business as usual scenario could trigger even greater climate crisis in Africa. “The outcome from Marrakech should be ambitious enough to […]

  • Malawi: Lives Changed By a Bore Hole

    November 10, 2016

    George Mhango November 10, 2016 Malawian Viligita Amos is a mother of three. She has lived a bitter life due to lack of water for home use. Rivers as an alternative are nowhere in sight to make matters worse. At the centre of the complaint was how to raise her children so they live a […]

  • Prof. Maghawry Shehata Equates Polluting River Nile to Committing Suicide

    November 8, 2016

    Safaa Salah November 08, 2016 In our second part of the Nile Series Project, we bring you DR. MAGHAWRY SHEHATA, Prof. of Hydrogeology and water resources and former President of Menoufiya University, Egypt. Our network member Safaa Salah interviewed Prof. Shehata about the about the importance of the Nile River and the reasons why it […]

  • COP22: Climate Change Claimed More Than 530,000 Lives in Past 20 Years, New Report Shows

    November 8, 2016

    Water Journalists Africa November 8, 2016 Africa is the continent that was hit hardest by extreme weather events in 2015. According to the 12th edition of the Global Climate Risk Index, four out of the ten most impacted countries globally are African: Mozambique (Rank 1), Malawi (Rank 3), Ghana and Madagascar (both Rank 8). The […]

  • Water Journalists Africa Embarks on the Nile Series Project

    November 5, 2016

    Water Journalists Africa November 5, 2016 Welcome to our Nile Series (NS) Project, where we will highlight challenges and opportunities of River Nile right from the mouth of this longest river in the world extending for 6695km (4184 miles), to its source. Our purpose with this series is to enlighten the readers about the challenges […]

  • Ethiopia: Jimma University Boss Urges Research into River Basins and Dams’ State

    November 5, 2016

    Dagim Terefe November 5, 2016 Population Health Environment Ethiopia Consortium also known as PHEE in collaboration with Jimma University and Health Bureau of Oromia has conducted a workshop on linkages of climate change, population dynamics and Reproductive Health/Family Planning in river basins, forests, protected and pastoralist areas of Oromia Regional State in Ethiopia. More than […]

  • Abuja: ECOWAS Renews Ties with AMCOW for Sustainable Water Resources Management

    November 5, 2016

    Innocent Agonza November 5, 2016 The President of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission, Marcel de Souza has assured the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) of greater cooperation and collaboration in the quest to sustainably manage West Africa’s abundant water resources. Marcel De Souza was speaking as he welcomed AMCOW’s Executive […]