Aaron Yancho Kaah
October 11, 2014

Harnessing renewable energy resources and efficient water management schemes can reduce the burden on ecosystems in Africa. This is according to the new report by Intercontinental Panel on Climate Change-IPCC.

The report was delivered by Dr Rajendra Pachauri , the head of IPCC at the fourth edition of the Climate Change and Development Conference (CCDA-IV) in Marrakesh, Morocco.

It highlighted that Africa was particularly Vulnerable to climate change because of poverty and ignorance.

The fourth edition of the Climate Change and Development Conference (CCDA-IV) convened in Marrakesh, Morocco
The fourth edition of the Climate Change and Development Conference (CCDA-IV) convened in Marrakesh, Morocco

It went further to pinpoint that tussle over natural resources like water and land aggravates poverty and the gender inequality levels leaving women more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The report suggests that systematic management of water resources and improved Agricultural techniques could bail the continent from these presents’ stalemates.

It calls for prompt action for harnessing renewable energy resources not only to promote growth and development on the continent but also to subdue the stress on the ecosystems.

“Projects like reducing illegal logging and deforestation for fuel wood and as well as the shunning of bush fires could provide immediate solutions to farmers in the rural areas of the continent,” the report notes.

Painting a bigger picture on the adaptation strategist, the report calls on governments and civil society organizations working with communities to enable them prepare for, cope with and adapt to future hazards by building stronger livelihoods, disaster risk management and increasing food self-sufficiency project s.

Agriculture provides the bases for the livelihoods of most developing countries’ economies, as 2.5 billion people make their living from agricultural production. 1.5 billion of these people are small-scale farmers. Improving the livelihoods of small scale producers has the potential to make a huge impact on poverty reduction

Africa resilience to climate change over time has been recorded through the production of droughts resisted seeds and an improvement in farming technologist and skills.

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