Taremwa Charlotte
February 19th 2014

Living Water International, Uganda a faith-based non-profit organization that helps communities in developing countries to acquire safe drinking water has constructed up to 263 boreholes in North Eastern Region Uganda.

The move has helped thousands of households in the region to access safe water.

About a quarter of Uganda’s population lack access to safe water

North Eastern Region Uganda region includes the semi-arid Karamoja sub region where water scarcity has been a big challenge. Most people in this region derive their livelihood from pastoralism since rainfall is not sufficient to support agriculture.

Alex Muhumuza, the Programs Manager at the western region office for Living Water International, Uganda says the problem of water shortage has been a big challenge to the people of Karamoja and their livestock.

“Harvesting rainwater is also a challenge because people there live in grass-thatched houses but now they have at least boreholes which can provide clean water,” notes Muhumuza

A drilling ridge used in the construction of boreholes

The agency has also supported communities in southwestern Uganda to access clean water by constructing two gravity-water flow systems and seven rainwater tanks in Ruhaama county Ntugamo district and Nyabushozi, in Kiruhura district.

“People in these areas dig water dams but when drought comes, the dams dry up so the water reserved in tanks can be used,” elaborates Muhumuza

Water Journalists Africa

Water Journalists Africa (WJA) is the largest network of journalists reporting on water in the African continent. It brings together some 700 journalists from 50 African countries. It was established in 2011 in Cape Town South Africa with support from the UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication.

WJA is legitimately registered as an NGO with Uganda’s National Bureau for NGOs (NGO Bureau)

It is governed by a board of governors and an advisor body. The two bodies meet regularly to review the organization’s programs and projects.

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