Mary Mwendwa
July 15, 2013

Top world’s travel magazine has rated a Kenyan lodge among the “top 25 Best Eco lodges in the world”.

Eco lodge is Located in the Rift valley province of Kenya, known for the wildebeest migration. It is Kenya’s jewel of pride which has obtained an international recognition for its contribution towards conservation efforts in sustainable environment, rain fall formation and clean water.

What is so extraordinary is that all water from the shower systems at the lodge is recycled and used for watering indigenous trees around the camp.

Picture of elephants  close to Kenya’s Eco lodge
Picture of elephants close to Kenya’s Eco lodge

The facility works closely with schools and the community on various conservation projects. One being the water project and tree planting project at Olesere village. This has been made possible with water supply from the Koiyaki River which serves both the community and wildlife in the area.

Robert Oigo, the Head teacher Olesere primary schools talks of how the water project has been of great benefit to the school and the neighboring community. “Here we used to have a serious water problem, especially during the drought seasons, now we can run our school feeding programme effectively with enough water supplies,”Oigo says.

With a population of 377 pupils, the school has enough water for various uses including watering the school garden of vegetables.

The school also uses solar energy for power. Oigo speaks of the high level of cleanliness witnessed among his pupils. The area being a pastoralist community, exposure to dust and other wastes is common especially during the climax of the dry spell, but with availability of clean water they are able to manage.

By showcasing sustainable development through responsible tourism, Eagle view, Mara Naboisho was the only one selected in Kenya during the competition which placed them number three in Africa by National Geographical Magazine.

The selection process looked into how facilities had most authentic and sustainable lodges, that offer great service and comfort in spectacular location, support local communities, connect their guests to cultures on an authentic level, create impactful conservation initiatives , and increasingly place adventure at the center of the experience , capture the spirit of exploration and commitment to the environment.

Eagle View, Mara Naboisho exists as a result of community land that has been leased to Basecamp Explorers who manage the Mara Naboisho conservancy and in return pay the community for the land on a monthly basis. Naboisho means – coming together in Maasai language. The Maasai community has signed a 15 years lease of land, 25,000 acres piece which offers them income and at the same time conserving their wildlife.

According to Petronillah Gichimu, sales and Marketing Manager, Basecamp explorer, about 500 landowners were part of this project.

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