Kenyan Pastoralists Shift to Crop Farming As Drought and Water Shortage Hit Harder


Mary Mwendwa
May 06, 2015

Meet Diba Jibalo, a father of seven from Merti Division, Isiolo County Eastern Kenya who has suffered a lot while rearing livestock due to water shortage and has lost many when droughts strike.

In this radio feature, produced in Kiswahili language by Mary Mwenda, Diba narrates how his life has been transformed since he started farming maize, water melon and vegetables.

His family is now food secure as a result. He is among many Kenyan farmers in dry land who have adopted by practicing agropastoralism which has proved successful as they can now save lives and keep grains for future use.

Also in the same feature below, Alex Alusa climate change expert gives insights on why policy is important on climate change adaptation.

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